“The Prettiest Face”

Emma:  “Hey Mom, you know what face I have when I sing Taylor Swift songs at school?”  And she models it for me–her lovely silken head cocked slightly to the side, held proudly, eyes opened wide with a sort of coy expression…I try so hard at times like this to not bust out laughing because I know that’s when the moments will end in embarrassment.  She explains further, “…’cuz that‘s the prettiest face,” and goes on singing along with Fearless.  She explained, “I sing on the playground.  I sing “Hey, Stephen” (our current fav off of the new TS album).  OK, now I would just LOVE to see this.  If  I get really lucky, she gets the little hips swinging, too.  My girl loves to sing…she’s been doing it since that first day in the Lakeview Hotel in Nanchang…we were getting ready for our first outing, and there she stood, steadying herself against a table at 14 months.  I was absentmindedly singing something, and she joined in with her precious baby sing-song…there was no doubt, it was singing.  She rocked back and forth and our eyes connected…we’ve shared this connection from the very beginning.  In fact, my great-aunt Alice tells me I used to rock back and forth to music in my playpen like this, one hand steadying me while holding my bottle in the other hand (I had my priorities in line early on!)  During the time we waited for Emma, I used to pray that someone would sing to her, make eye contact with her, cuddle her…make those connections that are so important that I couldn’t be there to make in those first 14 months we were apart.  I think they did.  The music is in her, that’s for sure.


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