God, this had better not be an April Fool’s joke…

…I thought wryly, twelve years ago TODAY, as I held a beautiful two day-old baby girl in my arms, leaning up against Jeff, the two of us smiling down at her in disbelief, and Jeff vowing that she wouldn’t be allowed to date until she was 34.  From the looks of things, that’s going to be pretty much impossible, because she’s turning out to be drop-dead gorgeous, even if she’s still not all that interested in working through all the snarls in that mop of brown hair just yet.  She’s a voracious reader, a fact that doesn’t necessarily translate into a desire to do homework.  She can figure out things on the computer faster than I can read the prompts.  It’s hard to absorb her scorn at my ignorance sometimes (“Hey, I’m no dummy!” I swallow usually once a day).  She’s not what you would consider easy, but she’s wonderful…and we love her.  Thank heaven for April Fool’s Day, 1997.  God’s little joke I remember on this day every year.  He has a great sense of humor, doesn’t He?


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  1. Love you Sophie!

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