Trubey, Party of FIVE!

emmafamdrawingYep, FIVE!  We have a SON!  All this time we thought we were waiting on another baby girl.  Then we opened our hearts to special needs adoption, and the realization that a boy was also a possibility if we went this route.  So we just left it wide open on our application, just like we would if our third child was coming to us through birth.  We reviewed two other files, and heart-wrenching as the process was, we knew they were not ours.  But when the call came on Saturday afternoon, February 28th, Jeff took down the information, called me and said we had 30 minutes to decide if we wanted to further review this shared referral from our agency…I flew home and he was looking at this beautiful face which I am not yet allowed to post online.  We said “yes” to review the file of this beautiful baby boy, and within the hour, Jeff was looking up flights.  He knew this was our son. We had 48 hours to contact doctors and have his file reviewed to be sure we wanted to move forward with this adoption, which we decided to do on March 2nd.   When we have official permission to post his picture, we will, but we can share what we know.  He just celebrated his first birthday last Friday, March 27th.  He was born with a second degree cleft lip/cleft palate.  The lip was repaired when he was 3.5 months old.  The palate will be repaired soon after we bring him home, which will be this summer, earlier than later, hopefully.  He is in an orphanage in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, China.  He was abandoned on March 31, 2008, just a few days old, and given the name “Chen Li Wen”.  We will call him Owen Li Trubey…the “Li” is after Jeff’s dad, whose middle name was also Lee.  He is described as “an obedient and dear baby”, and while the referral report is from around 6 months old, he was hitting all the developmental milestones he should at that age.  We cannot wait to have him in our arms.  Emma prayed the other night, “Dear Jesus, please give baby Owen a hug, because he’s probably all ‘wah wah wahhh!’ and there’s nobody to give him a hug.”  She drew the picture of our family of five.  I love how all of us are looking down and smiling at him.  Can’t wait to be with you, sweet boy!

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Four Years Ago Today…


…this absolutely terrified 14 month-old baby girl was placed into our arms– and hearts– forever.  We have never been the same.  She looked different from the referral pictures we’d memorized pixel by pixel for the previous 2 months…bigger, more hair, and somehow so…distraught and disoriented.  But as my eyes drifted to the little tag full of Chinese characters and I saw the clueless little photo I’d come to recognize on all the official documentation from China, especially the all-important Travel Approval (TA) letter, I felt tears of joy well up…this was our Emma.  We soon learned her last bottle had been four hours earlier before leaving her foster family for a 4-hour road trip from the city of her birth, Jingdezhen (the porcelain capital of the world) to Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi.  She was tired, hungry, and her little head kept turning left and right, scanning the room for her foster mother, “Nai-nai”.  She so desperately wanted to find something, someone familiar!  The kind man who held her and must have kept her in the van on the way to Nanchang kept pointing to me and saying, “Mama!” but Emma would not be comforted.  Sophie slid the little toy ladybug across the table to her. She was unimpressed.  And so our journey together began, four years ago today.  We cannot imagine our lives without this child.  We could not have dreamed up a more delightful child, or a more perfect fit for our family.  I feel so incredibly blessed today.  Blessed.  Happy Gotcha Day, Ems.


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Sophie’s Wit

dsc03048Jeff and I have always gotten a kick out of Sophie’s running commentary on life, from the moment she started stringing words together.  As she’s about to turn 12 this month, she continues to keep us smiling, shaking our heads, and just marveling at this amazing daughter God has given us.  In our last year driving to school together, we had some rough mornings.  Sometimes the only thing that would save us was talk radio.  Thank heaven for Ralph Bristol and the Nashville morning news.  And sometimes we would catch Paul Harvey on the way to piano lessons.  When I told her Monday that he had passed away, she was wistful for a moment…then she commented, “I guess that’s the rest of the story.”  This is life with our girl…always something to make us smile, stop and think, crack up, or make us go, hmmm.  Love you, Sophie.  Always.

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