Let the GAMES begin!


I just can’t get over this. We got THIS GameBoy to take TO CHINA to bring home this baby girl…not that long ago, it seems. I can still see the gorgeous, smiling Chinese flight attendant smiling at our worried faces and holding out the case to us as we hurried back to the empty plane on one of the 9 flights we took on that trip when Sophie’d left that blue carrying case with the GameBoy and all the games on the plane. So after Christmas when we took back an unneeded extra microphone for the new American Idol Wii game (now THAT’S my kind of game) we saw these used games, and Emma spotted “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses” in the display case at Game Stop. Now HOW did she know that’s what it was? The child is smart, but she’s not reading yet. There’s some serious marketing going on out there on these DVD’s, folks. And Sophie’s long since graduated from her GameBoy to the Nintendo DS and even that has been neglected quite a bit lately. So I thought we’d give this a try, and here she is, really playing it for the first time. She’s got left and right down and understands the coordination with her hands and what happens onscreen thanks to the mouse/computer, so this was natural for her. Press A to jump, and Barbie’s all over that screen. “That’s called a ‘platform game’, Mom,” Sophie informs me. She also tells Emma, “You’re lucky, Emma. You have me to help you. All I had was MOMMY.” Gee, thanks, kid. And so I hear these comments from Emma as she plays:

“Oh man, I fell down again!”

“I made it through the forest! Now look what I becomed! My dress is green now!”

“I found some of my sisters–yes!”

“Mom, how do I get out of this place?”

My answer??? “Go ask Sophie.”

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  1. Lovin’ this blog, ann. Loving it.

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