Let the GAMES begin!


I just can’t get over this. We got THIS GameBoy to take TO CHINA to bring home this baby girl…not that long ago, it seems. I can still see the gorgeous, smiling Chinese flight attendant smiling at our worried faces and holding out the case to us as we hurried back to the empty plane on one of the 9 flights we took on that trip when Sophie’d left that blue carrying case with the GameBoy and all the games on the plane. So after Christmas when we took back an unneeded extra microphone for the new American Idol Wii game (now THAT’S my kind of game) we saw these used games, and Emma spotted “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses” in the display case at Game Stop. Now HOW did she know that’s what it was? The child is smart, but she’s not reading yet. There’s some serious marketing going on out there on these DVD’s, folks. And Sophie’s long since graduated from her GameBoy to the Nintendo DS and even that has been neglected quite a bit lately. So I thought we’d give this a try, and here she is, really playing it for the first time. She’s got left and right down and understands the coordination with her hands and what happens onscreen thanks to the mouse/computer, so this was natural for her. Press A to jump, and Barbie’s all over that screen. “That’s called a ‘platform game’, Mom,” Sophie informs me. She also tells Emma, “You’re lucky, Emma. You have me to help you. All I had was MOMMY.” Gee, thanks, kid. And so I hear these comments from Emma as she plays:

“Oh man, I fell down again!”

“I made it through the forest! Now look what I becomed! My dress is green now!”

“I found some of my sisters–yes!”

“Mom, how do I get out of this place?”

My answer??? “Go ask Sophie.”

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Merry Christmas to Us!

We finally broke down and bought a new washer and dryer. Our Christmas present to ourselves. Yep, the last set lasted over 20 years–GO, KENMORE! We actually got this set before either one had broken down, too. Do you know what that’s called? Being proactive! GO, TRUBEY’S! The previous washer was a wedding gift from Mom Trubey…”because I don’t want Ann to have to go to the laundromat.” So sweet. So we bought the matching dryer at Sears back in June of 1988. It’s strange that I actually felt some waves of nostalgia wash over me (pun intended) during the days leading up to getting rid of that old set. The strongest ones related to washing baby clothes in that old set. I remember so desperately wanting to become parents. The devastation of bringing home a baby girl only to hear the most terrifying words ever spoken to an adoptive parent by an adoption attorney–“the birthparent has revoked”–and then Jeff came home after we gave that baby back, and he stripped our tiny log cabin home of everything “baby”…but then I pulled a load of laundry out of that dryer and found one teeny, tiny pink sock. And lost it all over again. And then came Sophie. And we had loads of whites, darks, colors, and glorious pinks. And pink LINT in the lint trap. And folding those darling little outfits was just delightful. I truly didn’t mind. Then came Emma, and how was it possible that one little angel baby from China seemed to double, or triple the laundry? But still, it wasn’t really a burden to do the laundry until recently when it seemed that the washer was getting lazy about squeezing out all the water, and so the dryer had to be spun again…and again. And so it seemed laundry was never done. So we took the plunge, and these babies were set to be delivered on the 23rd. I have to confess I did clean the lint trap one last time–just didn’t seem right to send it off full. And I wiped the tops off. Will there be any more baby laundry in the new washer/dryer? Will China ever get those dossiers moving again? Have we seen the last of baby clothes lint and tiny socks in the laundry? And what about that birthday coming up tomorrow? The numbers keep going…up. Sigh. Then in came these pretty red machines–oh so cool! Emma put in her stuffed dalmation puppy (minus a tail that Shadow chewed off) today, and we watched him go ’round and ’round. And Sophie even asked to be awakened EARLY the day after the set came so she could help do laundry (that’s over now). It’s a blessing to have something so nice to make life easier! Oh, and that nostalgia for the other set? What other set???img_0030


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Multi-tasking gone awry

Just starting to feel energy coming back after ending one of the more tiresome semesters I can remember.  Tiring for all kinds of reasons, from all fronts.  I’ve done goofy things like put my shirt on backwards on three different occasions in the final week before Christmas break.  And on the blessed Saturday morning when I woke up and knew that I was officially on break, I still woke up around 5:00, but I went downstairs, the house silent, and a sense of peace began to settle upon me.  I fed my dogs and poured a bowl of Cheerios for myself.  Grabbed the milk.  Looked for the Cheerios.  COULDN’T find them.  Yes, my counter contained the usual clutter, but c’mon, how can you lose a bowl of cereal?  I slowed my scanning of the counter top and deliberately viewed each item like I was doing a “what’s wrong with this picture” page in a kids’ magazine.  Hmm.  To the background noise of my lovely golden retrievers Shadow and Abby slurping up their chow, I noticed there was still one bowl of kibble on the counter.  Yep, Abby was delicately scarfing Cheerios out of Pfaltzgraff.  Go back to bed, Ann.

Hey, I just eat what they feed me!

Hey, I just eat what they feed me!

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