Here’s Shaddy-Boy’s broken toe x-ray (taken w/my cell phone camera–amazing how much you can learn about the technology you own if given time to figure out how to use it!)  Poor boy!


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How to save your Thanksgiving turkey

After trying to make a pumpkin pie WITHOUT Shadow’s help, despite his million attempts to assist, I couldn’t fathom how I was going to do turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes–the works.  He’s maybe not any worse a counter surfer than Abby, but he’s taller, ergo, more successful.  I had planned for the last 2 weeks since the local dog park had opened to take the dogs down and check it out…it was close enough that Abby’s normally car-queasy stomach could probably make it.  So, before I did any more cooking, we all had a blast taking Abby and Shadow to the new Spring Hill Bark Park.  There were lots of dogs, and with the exception of one very possessive senior golden girl who didn’t want anyone to chase tennis balls but herself (which Shadow was not about to stand for) everyone got along great.  Miss Bossy got put on a lead right away and everything went great.  Shadow and Abby played their hearts out and made lots of friends.  We noticed toward the end that Shadow was limping slightly, favoring his back left leg.  Abby was ready to go, examining the gate where we’d come in.  (That girl’s never been a dumb blonde!)  We headed home, and the dogs were basically passed out the rest of the day.  Sophie made a fabulous apple pie, Emma was a wonderful stirrer of everything that needed stirred, she set the table, and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, and hardly knew the dogs were there!  They did have the presence of mind to come to enough to scarf down their Thanksgiving-dinner laced kibble, but then went right back to sleep.

This morning, however, Shadow was unwilling to put any weight on his foot at all.  We took him to the vet this afternoon, and found out he has a BROKEN TOE.  I have a nice, plain as day picture of the x-ray but I can’t figure out how to post it.  Just something about a doggy x-ray that breaks my heart.  Looks like it was just snapped completely sideways.  Don’t know if it was the scuffle with Miss Bossy or one of the many romps he made through the park, but he’s going to have to wear this cast until CHRISTMAS.  Oh boy…wondering how we’re going to make it.  Keep in mind, he has to GO OUT to potty.  It’s supposed to stay DRY, theoretically.  The boy was born on Thanksgiving last year.  Guess he felt he had to do something big to celebrate.  I sprayed the cast lightly with nasty-tasting Bitter Apple hoping he’ll leave it alone because he wouldn’t stand for the e-collar we tried to make him wear…it’s gonna be interesting.  Right now he’s sound asleep at my feet.  “Keep him as still as possible,” I was told.  Yep.  And anyone who has been around this fellow is laughing.  I do have some tranquilizers and pain pills.  We’ll see.  We’ll all make it to Christmas with the sweet boy, one way or another!  Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!







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Why you should save your old bridesmaid dresses…

I wore the dress Sophie’s wearing in a wedding back in ’89, I think. The dress has outlasted the marriage by some time, sadly. The one Emma has on was given to us by a friend who was thinning out stuff before moving…her kids had been in a medieval-style wedding (the little boy was a court jester…we have that one, too.) Such fun for dress-up! Sophie went along this time, to Emma’s delight. So, why should you save these mountains of satin you’ll never wear again?

Reason #1: You spent a fortune on them.

Reason #2: I know, that was a lame one that any professional organizer would trash. I’m reading your book right now, Peter Walsh. I get it. OK, I truly did save them because I was thinking, some day I may have a little girl who will feel like a princess playing dress-up in these. But it’s heaven (or hell, I guess, depending on how you look at it) to hear her say, “Whoa, Mom,…you were a STICK!” Because, see, I never, ever, thought at that time, that I was anything close to a stick, or even a slender log.

Reason #3: So you can have pictures like this.



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Baby’s feelin’ blue

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written anything.  (Not counting all the writing that goes on in my head…so many things I want to write but haven’t had time!)  But this, I don’t want to forget, because I’ve personally followed this political race more closely than any other in my lifetime.  I know it, because of Emma’s comment a few posts back about turning on the TV and maybe John McCain would be on.  Too much Fox News.  Maybe.  Well, OK, when she hummed/sort of sang the commercial “Viva…” (can’t bring myself to even type the rest…) I knew I’d been leaving the TV on in the background too much.  Forgive me, Lord.  So ANYWAY, we went to vote early, about 10 days ago.  Emma was blue when we left.  WHY?  “Mommy, I didn’t see John McCain there!”  And tonight, on the way home from Kroger, it dawned on me that she didn’t know the outcome of the election.  I told her, “Sweetie, John McCain and Sarah Palin didn’t win.”  I heard sniffles from the back seat.  Really.  The sweet baby was crying.  And when we got home, she was truly sobbing in the back seat.  Somehow, she had made a connection with that man and woman every time she saw them on TV recently, and she realized that they hadn’t prevailed…she knows what it means to “win” and to “lose”.  So we had a little lesson about how Senator Obama will be our president, and how we will pray for him and how he will be in charge of America, John and Sarah will still be around helping, but God is in charge of EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME…such a sweet, tender little heart Emma has.  Sophie was tickled/amazed as I was to see Emma’s tears and helped me comfort her and explain it all.  Pretty cute.

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