Through Emma’s eyes

I just love the way she sees things. I will never get tired of her little running commentary on the world. Two recent ones have been on how the dogs choose to finally settle down for the night. They really like to lie on the cool ceramic tile floor in the master bath. Of course, if I run for the camera they’d have to follow me and I wouldn’t be able to capture the moment anyway, so I’ll have to do it with Emma’s perfect words. The other night they were in perfect formation, lying identically on their sides, Abby in front, Shadow lying right behind her, his nose resting on her gorgeous fanned out tail. Emma said, “Mom, it looks like they made us a small choo-choo train.” And my favorite? Another time they were lying on their sides, this time feet to feet making a mirror image of each other, and the space between their front and back slightly forward-flung legs made a perfectly-shaped heart. Emma’s observation? “I think they’re marryin’.” Life with this little girl? Enchanting.

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Go Tell Aunt Rhodie

Yes, I could recognize the tune this afternoon! “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is old news now. I do feel sorry for the old gray goose (some poor unsuspecting farm animal always has to bite it in these elementary music songs, don’t they?) But our girl is learning trumpet, following in her dad’s footsteps now that she’s finally figured out how to make it from her last period math class out in the portables to the band room, grab her trumpet, and still manage to not miss the bus. I feel a bit guilty to confess that when we were told she would need a trumpet but that we could “wait on a mute for a while”, I slyly thought, could we wait on the trumpet and just get a mute for now??? (You have to know our Sophie…)

So Shadow is quite intrigued with the trumpet…slinking up to check out the bell where the sound comes out, shrinking down, backing up, pawing at it, barking…he did have the presence of mind to bring a tennis ball this time in case Sophie wanted to play. Today she played “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and I just died laughing because Emma, ever the encourager, exclaimed, “Wow Sophie, could you play that again?” I glanced at her–and she had both fingers plugging her ears.

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Too much political TV??

Hmmm…maybe.  How do I know?  Because tonight I went in to check some e-mail.  Emma said, “I’m going to turn on the TV for you.”  She picks up the remote.  Says, “I think John McCain will be on.”  Seriously.

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