God Our Cool Man

Hmm…to tell this story from beginning to end, or end to beginning? I think I’ll just let you guess. Last night, Jeff was playing piano and Emma came running in asking me this question: “Mommy, how do the words go to that song, “God Our Cool Man?” It only took a second for me to figure out what she was talking about, and then stifle a belly laugh. A couple of weeks ago we were driving to church and an old classic came on, a song that became an anthem for the church…a phrase printed on t-shirts, wrist bands, our hearts…and I told Emma the story of this song and the man who sang it, who is no longer with us. How we will see him in heaven one day. She was mesmerized by this wonderful, powerful song…and begged me to play it again but it was on the radio. And I have yet to download it from iTunes for her, but I absolutely will. Have you guessed it? “God Our Cool Man”? Yep, “Our God Is An Awesome God”. Yes, He is. And so Jeff dinked around for TWO SECONDS (nausea intended) and was playing it, and Emma sat beside him, head back, pseudo-dinking along, praising our God. Pretty cool. Our God IS an awesome God. Gotta get on iTunes real soon. Thanks, Rich Mullins. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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A budding photographer?

The first two pictures were taken by…Emma!  She absolutely loves for me to give her the camera.  I’ll spare you the shots of the TV, the back of the couch, the stunning one of the clutter on my kitchen counter, the aftermath of a small tornado that hit a Barbie town in my front room, etc.  The crazy thing is, I cannot get a very good picture of Abby, our sweet golden girl who has been neglected on the blog since the SON came home in January.  (Puppies grow so fast, baby girl!)  She squints at the flash, and moves fast so she’s nothing so much as a blonde blur in photos.  But check out the middle picture…Emma took it.  And she’ll patiently take shot after shot for me if I ask her to–again, Emma took the one of Shadow and me.  You go, girl!  

I’m trying to get a few recent shots because I’m headed out of town tomorrow for a week of bliss, scrapbooking in Oregon with BFF and sis Lisa and her friends in a store there which the owner lets us just descend upon for the better part of the week…I did it last summer for the first time and cranked out 47 pages, I think.  I SHOULD be packing right now but am avoiding this task because it is overwhelming.  Not the clothes part but all the rest.  How to get all the stuff together that I’m going to need when I’ve let this passion of mine take over a room?  How do I choose what to take and not take?  So here I sit playing with pictures online and wondering how my boy will survive without me for a week.  See that last picture?  He’s getting such a gorgeous, boxy head.  You can see he’s a boy in this picture by looking at his face, I think.  That’s the look I get if I say, “Who’s that big boy?  Is that my Shadow boy?  Is that my boy?”  And I have to talk in a goofy voice…in fact, I just was doing this when he did his business this morning.  I was on the deck, him down below.  He was so proud of himself and so buoyed up by my praise, he comes in like a fighter jet landing on an aircraft carrier…I have to be prepared.  He really needs one of those hook catcher things on the back end to help me out because he makes quite the landing, all crouched down and skewampus, going side to side like he’s chasing a rabbit who’s dodging left to right trying to ditch him, but he’s really just coming back up on the deck for a landing to receive Mommy’s praise and love.  It makes me want to take my calcium and work on getting/staying fit because he could knock an older person down easily…I’d hate to have to downgrade to a 6-pound yapper at some point simply because I couldn’t handle the exuberance factor, you know?  If I change my mind and my taste, that’s an entirely different matter…I just love the big dog probably in the same way they annoy others.  Ahh well, it’s probably time to start packing.  And sure as I do, Shadow will start shoving his nose down in my rolling tote and slobbering on my designer patterned paper if I’m not careful.  And my budding photographer will be waking up any minute to help me pack.  I’m sure I’ll find some princess fruit snacks in the bottom of the bag if my other helper doesn’t locate them.  See why I’ve procrastinated on packing until now?  And why I’m so productive on the other side of the continent?

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Ahhh, summer…

We just love the new rec center pool! It reminds me of the pool I most enjoyed going to when I was a child, the Wood River pool. A huge pool (at least in my childhood memory) with a very gradual slope and lots of interesting areas…anyway, our new pool has a zero entry which is wonderful for the littlest ones, and this very cool water slide/multiple spout/spray thing you see in the background, and it is also wonderfully well-guarded. The first time we went after the waterslide was installed, Emma did nothing but go round and round on it the whole time. There was a young lifeguard who was just great with the kids, counting them off as they would go down, cheering for them when they’d splash…when it was time for the guards to rotate, the next guy who took that station was basically the keep ’em alive but don’t interact type. Emma got up there, grinning, and looked over at him like, “Here I am, aren’t you going to give me the grand send off?” He looked bored. I felt so sorry for her. Anyway, we’re enjoying this new hot spot several times a week. The extra beauty in this picture is our sweet friend and neighbor, Cori.

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Our gorgeous girl

So here she is.  Our Sophie.  Eleven years old.  Getting less and less willing to let me click away at her with my camera.  I got a few good shots in before she’d had enough.  So OK, CHICK, now that I’m in my prolific scrapbooking phase of life and worried that there might be, like, a gazillion more pages of Emma than you because she’s not sick of the camera yet, don’t blame me if you’re wearing THIS expression in some of them.  Just keepin’ it real, sweetheart sugar baby dumplin’ pie.  I love you.  I do I do I DOOO!  Smack!  You’re still beautiful.

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Our tiny dancer

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have spent hours trying to simply type, stick in a picture, type some more, and stick in another picture, and so on.  It’s not working…seems like more than one picture makes my post go haywire so just a warning–a bunch of short, one picture posts could follow so I can show my sweet girls and a bit of the summer so far (which is wooshing by).  Here’s our sweet Emma at her first dance class.  Our church has a school of dance and she went every day for a week at the beginning of the summer…they would line up as butterflies, or ballerinas, or some special way each day to go to class.  She was apprehensive on the first day, and she fell apart at the 10 minute demonstration on the last day “because Sophie wasn’t there”, she said, but otherwise she LOVED it and still shows us her moves.

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Sniffing is a contact sport

I’m referring to our “son” Shadow. We’ve identified a funny habit of his. It doesn’t matter that his nose is a thousand times more powerful than ours will ever be…he has to shove it, big, warm, wet, and often unexpected, where he wants to be sniffing, make contact, and THEN sniff. And you know how dogs like to meet people. And quite often, where. He’s kind of irritating Daddy right now, and often it’s Mommy coming to his defense, because he’s not really doing this to Mommy because he’s forever with me, never more than 2 feet away. It’s safe to say he’s a big Mama’s boy, and that his name was quite prophetic. Whew. Good thing I won’t have to marry him off some day…I’d be a terrible mother-in-law. He’s just this big, furry, wet-nosed ball of love begging everyone around to love me love me love me love me!!!! Love me like my mommy loves me!!!!! Because let’s face it, I’m nuts about this boy, crazy puppyhood and all. He doesn’t wag his tail, he wags his whole back half. We are going to PetSmart for beginning obedience classes, and on our first visit the instructor said, “That is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful golden retriever. He must have some champion in his bloodlines.” I nodded that he did, and I couldn’t have been more proud if I’d given birth to him myself. Shadow’s such a good student…putty in the hands of anyone with a treat. Sophie’s doing the handling and taking Shadow out for walks to practice what we’re learning in class. And of course we can’t leave without buying something. They have this bowl of dog biscuits at the checkout so we had him sit and gave him one. It’s like he said, “Dang, that was good! I’m getting me some more of that!” Plop goes a chunky paw on the counter on either side of the bowl, and he buries his head in the bowl. The cashier cracked up (or “cracked out”, as Emma says these days). Shadow’s just so full of life. He’s what we’d all be if we didn’t care what people thought. I love that about dogs. So first thing yesterday morning, Mr. Exuberance bounded out onto the deck and found a huge, dead-looking flying bug thing on its back–I mean, huge…like, the size of an adult big toe with wings…and remember, he sniffs whilst making contact…and the thing goes “bbbzzzsttt!” and spins around…guess it was just sort of beached on its back. So Shadow does what any self-respecting retriever who hasn’t yet mastered the “leave it!” command would do…he retrieves–and eats it. That’s it, Buster. No kissin’ Mommy for at least a couple hours, and probably you need a slice of toast, lots of water, and an Altoid. Blech! OK, I promise the next post will be a catch-up one with pictures of the kids. But he really is quite entertaining. And cute.

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