She’s playing school!

OK, my little angel baby is standing in front of me with a note pad filled with Valentine’s Day stickers, and a pencil (pointer).  She just told me, “OK, I’m going to tell you what we are learning about today.  Valentine’s Day!  We are going to make Valentines to share with our dads and sisters and puppies.”  She used the pointer to direct various activities…some were supposed to eat candy, some were to play music, and some were making Valentines…she’s a natural-born teacher!  She uses all this inflection, pausing, and a killer little flutter of the eyelids as she explains things.  Such a sweetheart…such a happy little soul.   dsc02151.jpg dsc02152.jpg 

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Wii for puppies

Happy Valentines Day! Well, I mentioned last week to Jeff that I just love to think about coming home and sleeping with Shadow, our new puppy. So he says, “You used to say that about me.” Poor guy. Anyway, just had to write about something I want to remember. Shadow is into hanging out while I’m getting ready in the morning. He is very intrigued by my blow dryer. I have always liked to aim it across the room at Abby as she’s watching me and see how long it takes for her to scrunch up her eyes and sniff the air. (Simple minds, I know.) So I started doing this with Shadow, and I’ve found that he loves to sit at my feet and feel the warm blast on his face. He heard me turn on the blow dryer one morning this week and came running to sit at my feet. It occurred to me that this is sort of like Wii for puppies, you know, virtual “Warm Summer Day With Your Head Hanging Out the Car Window” v. 1.0. An upgraded version will most definitely carry the scent of someone cooking a steak nearby on an unguarded grill.


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My boy

I’m just loving this sweet puppy! Yes, I’m up in the rain/cold in the middle of the night taking him out, and he’s got a passion for socks and underwear right now that keeps me running after him at times, but I have to say, he’s adding years to my life. We are all nuts about Shadow. We got the movie Snow Buddies this week, but I must say not one of them is as cute as he is. When he heard them barking on the TV today, he looked up and barked back…but when he gets scared outside he runs straight for me. This is the 4th golden Jeff and I have had, and while puppyhood is exhausting, it’s always a labor of love…it goes by so quickly that we are treasuring each moment. Also, as the years have gone by and we’ve lost two of our dogs now, I look at him and know that undoubtedly his beautiful golden coat will absorb tears from wounds life has yet to deliver…I know not only how sweet he is right now, but how dear he will be to me over all the years to come. Welcome to the family, boy. dsc02058.jpg dsc02059.jpg dsc02062.jpg dsc02084.jpg dsc02104.jpg

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Everyone has their own list of things that bring joy. Have a peek at something that’s definitely on my short list…a new puppy! This is Shadow, our sweet new golden retriever boy. We drove up to St. Louis last weekend for a whirlwind trip to bring him home, our new family member, never to replace our precious Summer who we lost last August, but to help fill the void she left. He’s our fourth golden, our first boy, and just as no two children are just alike, we’ve found that no two dogs are alike…we’re sure enjoying getting to know our sweet Shadow (Abby is just starting to realize she can really play with this little guy! They run around in the back yard and I swear I can hear them saying, “Na-na na-na boo boo, you can’t catch me!” Shadow chases Abby and whimpers because he can’t keep up…just you wait, Abby!) We named him after Shadow in the movie, Homeward Bound. I still tear up at the end every time when Shadow comes up over the hill, limping, having finally made it home to his family and his boy, and he says to his boy, “Oh Peter, I was so worried about you! I missed you, and I love you!” And when he chides dog friend Chance for his lack of dogly-ness and flip attitude about humans: “You call yourself a dog? Dogs are supposed to be faithful, loyal, and true!” The dog in that movie looked and acted so much like our Summer. We owe many thanks to the Schlecht family in St. Louis (Confetti Goldens) for this fine boy. Have a look at our Shadow–my word for him right now is just “yummy”:






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