SNOW! A teacher’s favorite word…

…at least at this time of year! Just the beauty of a busy day suddenly wiped clean of responsibilities and free to do whatever…ahhh! Don’t know if we’ll be out tomorrow but Sophie and Emma didn’t want to miss the snow if it did all melt over night. Check out Jeff and Emma’s snowman! (Oh, I’m sorry, Emma told me it is a GIRL.) They almost had it done but had to touch it up because Abby ate all the raisin eyes/nose/buttons while they were inside hunting for a carrot nose.




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Happy Birthday, Abby!

See this 4? Recognize it? Yes, it’s from my birthday cake just a couple of weeks ago. And now, Abby’s four years old! Yep, on January 5th. For the longest time it was just Jeff, Sophie, and me…so birthdays were few and far between…all between December 27th and March 30th, too. So, we started celebrating the dogs’ birthdays too, in part because Sophie loved it, of COURSE the dogs love it, and hey, who doesn’t love a good excuse to have cake? But Abby’s on Eukanuba Restricted Calorie dog food so her cake is half a can of wet dog food, which she never has (only a tablespoon on her daily food). Don’t worry, it’s all hers, we won’t be sharing!




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Classic Emma

Sophie was upstairs playing the Wii and Emma went upstairs, followed by Abby (who doesn’t know how to keep her tail and the rest of her substantial self out of the way of the TV.) After a few minutes there’s the predicted eruption of complaints from Sophie, and Emma giving it right back to her. Then Emma runs by and says to Jeff, “Hey Dad, I telled Sophie that big girls don’t tell little big girls what to do!” Hee hee! She has this little generalization thing she does: “Big girls don’t have bobbies,” (which is what she calls her pacifier), “Big girls don’t SHOW their bobbies to people,”, “Big girls use the potty,” and once, when she thought she’d lost me, “The mommies don’t leave the Emmas!” Then before bed she told me, “I love you, Mommy, ‘cuz you’re the cutest.”

Another funny thing Emma does…she’s figured out what things usually get a yes from Jeff and me, and what things usually get a no. Usually it involves having some sweet treat at the wrong time, or something she wants to get at the store. So she does this pitiful little thing that works like reverse psychology with me because it sounds so pitiful and hopeless: “Mom, can I not have this candy?” “Mom, can I not buy this?” “Mom, can I not watch my movie again?” One time she had a bobby in her mouth so she just held up a piece of candy to me, and shook her head. What does this make me want to do? Say, “Why sure, sweetie pie, you can have it!” Here’s another one…”Mom, can we buy that later?” “Mom, can I have that tomorrow?” About a week ago she enlisted a different strategy. Pulling something snacky out of the pantry before dinner, she says, “Mom, I can’t have this.” And then just LOOKS at me. Like, “aren’t you going to say something to the contrary?” On Sunday she stood at the pantry and stated, (and I quote,) “I don’t need any cookies, and I can’t have any of that candy in that blue bowl up there,” pointing to the top of the fridge. Cracks me UP! I think as I’ve been typing this, she’s thought of a new one. Going over to the package of Dove chocolates on the shelf in my studio, she says, “Mom, do YOU want one of these?” So I say (go ahead, guess!) “Sure!” and she says, “I think I’ll have one too.” I’m lovin’ it.


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Christmas tidbits…

We had Ox stay with us again…he made himself right at home…Abby was so happy to see him again!


Made my favorite sugar cookie recipe from the old Better Homes and Gardens red plaid cookbook…remember that one?


Santa brought some very nice things including a Wii game system, mainly for Sophie (you should see her boxing!) There was the usual scourge of small, colorful plastic bits (Littlest Petshop stuff for Emma), oh yes–Webkinz for Sophie, and Emma’s favorite–an Ariel doll AND Prince Eric (Grandma thought he was way cute!) I got a sewing machine and forgot how much I love sewing. Made curtains for my scraproom the next day…very fun! Jeff got a Tiger Woods game for the Wii…Abby and Ox got big rawhide chews. We enjoyed having the Christmas tree upstairs and realized that next year, we’ll be keeping a puppy from chewing off the pine cones again…we hope to be getting a new Golden puppy in March (Abby’s niece, actually!) The most adorable gift was this one from Sophie for Jeff…she did it all herself and the contents are precious. She used my scrapbook stuff (got glue dots everywhere…that’s my girl!)



Then came my birthday on the 27th…Emma is realizing that the cake a person gets on their birthday should represent something the person is “into”. So she kept saying “Mommy is getting a scrapbook cake!” It did in fact have an iced-in computer drawn on top, per her request. So sweet. My awesome gift? A gift certificate for Archiver’s, the best scrapbook store in the world and conveniently on the way to St. Louis, in Fairview Heights, IL. Yeah! The girls helped me with the candles:



Oops…is that photo flipped? Shouldn’t the numbers on the cake say 34, not 43???? (Wink wink, nudge nudge…)

Then the girls and I went up to IL for a quick visit with my family; on the way home we stopped at the St. Louis Arch…forever, I’ve driven by and told Sophie we’d go up in it someday, but “not this time”…this was the time. She loved it! I’d actually never been up in it, even with growing up across the river from St. Louis in Alton, IL…so it was a first for us all.






We’re pretty calm New Year’s partiers…this year Jeff did get a few sparklers and a couple of noisy things that they blasted off before it got too late. Here are the girls enjoying sparklers. Love the last one of Emma looking at me through the smoke. Have a great 2008!



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