The Year in Review

Or, A Few Things That Stick Out From 2007…

This year I felt like my love of telling stories, taking pictures of people and places I love, playing with crafty things–stuff I’ve done my entire life–took on new life in my favorite hobby, scrapbooking. Thanks to my sweet Jeff giving me the gift of flying his sister and my bff Lisa out here in May to go to a Creating Keepsakes convention in Nashville, and then giving me the gift of a week in July to go out to see her and meet some of her friends that she has scrapbooked with annually now for 10 years in Bend, Oregon. I had a blast and pumped out I think 47 pages or so in 4 days. I’m loving this melding of all the creative pursuits I enjoy combined in one. I even painted a room downstairs my new favorite color (pink) with the help of the whole family…and it’s my haven when I need a little break from it all–my “studio” when I’m feeling especially artsy, my scraproom on most days. Here’s a shot of us out in Bend (we all decided what happens in Bend stays in Bend, but I can show you this, I think…)



Jeff and his friend and business partner, Ben, moved into office space in Cool Springs and continue to see Kyros Entertainment grow. The upsides of the move…obvious, the downside–traffic. Traffic. Traffic. The commute is much more hectic than walking down the hall. And Emma had to get used to not seeing “Uncle Ben” every day–really, really missed him, but she’s gained Uncle Rod and Uncle Jim now when we get to stop by the office.

Sophie is in 5th grade this year at Trinity where I teach, and I can hardly believe this is our last year to commute together! Her latest interest on the ride in and home is listening to talk radio. She recently told me she thinks she might be more of a democrat than a republican. Oh yes, and she let me know one morning that she “knows a little Spanish, and is fluent in sarcasm.” Sophie has been SO blessed to go to this wonderful school…her teachers are without equal…I have the privilege of calling them my colleagues, as well. However, she was recently asked about how school was going…her response? “What happens at school stays at school.” Her humor keeps us in stitches! Next year she’ll be attending Heritage Middle School (right here in Thompson’s Station, where she’s zoned). I’ll have one year of having the car all to myself in the morning, having the beauty of silence, or music of my choice, time to plan my day, pray, etc., and then Emma will start riding with me to kindergarten–how did that happen? These girls continue to amaze us and bless us daily. Emma has learned to write her name, and knows the letters that stand for all her friends in school; she’s really blossomed this year and loves her teacher Ms. Rose. Emma loves to do anything crafty alongside me, which has been fun (and messy at times, too). One day I heard lots of racket and she was hauling her Little Tykes table and chairs in to my scraproom. She’ll sit there and color, cut, punch out shapes w/my punches, line up spools of ribbon, and be content for a while until she asks to play her “game shows”. That means anything on

I’m in my 21st year of teaching, 16th at Trinity Elementary. (Another “How did that happen???”) As I’ve said, I love that school, have a wonderful class and group of colleagues, and count myself blessed to work there and bring my daughter there. And I’m thoroughly pooped. Thankful for a break before the new year starts. Thankful to exchange a few weeks of “Mrs. Trubey? Mrs. Trubey? Mrs. Trubey?!” for “Mom? Mom? Mom???” I actually love the time after Christmas when we come back in January best of all with the kids…we’ve really gelled as a group and are in a good routine. But right now, I’m glad to be home!

I have made 4 trips to Illinois since the end of July as it became clear that our beloved great-aunt Alice was not able to continue living on her own (she’s 88). She was able to come spend 10 days with us this summer, and I’ll treasure that time. The girls got to know her…here’s a picture of her taken on our deck last summer I can say that when you look at this picture, you are looking into the eyes of the person most like Jesus of anyone I’ve ever known. She’s taught me so much about contentment, giving, and love.




In August we lost our precious 12-year old golden retriever, Summer. She was the sweetest dog to ever wag a tail or steal a blueberry w/cream cheese bagel off a kitchen table. We all miss her terribly; we are hoping to bring a new puppy home in the spring because nobody misses her more than Abby, our other golden. Here’s a typical shot from last spring of Abby, Emma, and Summer.


Last weekend was a wonderful way to cap off the year, attending our niece Amy’s wedding in Chattanooga. We look forward to getting to know Trent better (and Amy too!) Trent won my heart a while back when they came to our house and we played Cranium. He got to act out Marilyn Monroe so he quickly hopped over an airvent in the floor and did his best imitation of her in the famous Seven Year Itch scene. Loved it! Sophie and Emma were in the wedding…Sophie was a junior bridesmaid, and Emma was a flower girl. Sophie was the first girl in, and I had to remind myself not to jump up and holler, “That’s MY daughter!!! Isn’t she beautiful?” Then came Emma and little cousin Kate, the flower girls. Kate threw her arms up after emptying her basket, and shouted, “I did it, Mommy!” I had to go get Emma because she wanted to pick up all the flower petals. Lisa and I were so thrilled!




Another highlight of this year for me has been reading the Left Behind series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. It’s funny, Jeff has been an integral part of the marketing of this series, and after all these years I finally am reading it. Regardless of your theology, it is a powerful reminder of God’s plan for us from the very beginning. Sophie has read all 40 of the Left Behind Kids series, too! She was very good to not reveal things when she was ahead of me in the action. The coolest part? We win! I am on the last few pages of “The Glorious Appearing” as I type this…what a great lead-up to Christmas.

If I don’t end this soon I may never post…may you have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

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Love is thicker than blood


I love this quote…I found it on someone’s adoption blog:

“Blood is thicker than water, but I say love is thicker than blood.” ~Anonymous

As for our China adoption process, we found out today that October 2006 is “out of the review room”. We have had a dossier in China since September of ’06, and our official log-in date is Oct. 19, 2006. Being out of review is a milestone because it means they have looked through our voluminous pile of documents and we made it through without any questions or concerns…yeah!!! On to the matching room! They have matched babies with families who were logged in up to December 14, 2005. They are basically matching at the rate of a few days/weeks every month. So we continue to wait patiently in line, and realistically we’re still looking at sometime in 2009 before we see our sweet baby’s face. If our first two daughters are any indication (and I know that they are,) then the wait is all worthwhile, and God certainly knows what He’s doing, even if we don’t. I still pinch myself regularly that these beautiful, brilliant, amazing girls are my daughters. What a beautiful word to frequent my everyday conversation. Yes, it’s worth the wait.



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What’s under YOUR bed?

I was sort of lost in cyberspace last night when I became aware of snickering and rustling sounds under the guest bed beside the computer. I lifted up the bedskirt (Emma LOVES hide and seek right now) and look what I found. Wish they’d stayed like they were before I got the camera…Emma was wearing a fluffy princess skirt and it was hiked up, and they were cuddling w/o bickering…some bickering had occurred by the time I got this. I love seeing these two precious gifts in my life playing together. Check out Sophie’s new red and green bands on her braces.



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Webkinz mania (or How I Lost My Computer)

This little furry fellow (pardon me, she is a GIRL) is named ‘Banana”…her official Webkinz title is “Cheeky Monkey”.  For those who don’t have a tween child, (in which case you wouldn’t be reading this because you, too, have lost your computer)…Webkinz is like the Beanie Babies craze of the new millenium–a cute, collectible, stuffed animal with the requisite “W” on the foot…and a code that comes with it to unlock a whole virtual world on the computer.  Amazing!  And the coolest thing is if you have a little sister who isn’t quite up to snuff with Webkinz (can’t read), just wants the animal, so you sign on with little sis’s code, and little sis generously gifts multiple things to big sis.  It’s pretty neat…there are actually a lot of educational aspects to this craze, I must admit.  And then there’s, which a 3 year-old can easily navigate (printing out multiple pages of the Little Einsteins).  And that’s how I lost my computer, AND my ink.  To think, all I had were Barbies and the Brady Bunch.  How did I survive?



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