Thanksgiving…the weekend after

I love these pictures. Just the three of us…Emma, Abby, and me, at the kitchen table in the early morning. Yes, Emma is having pumpkin pie for breakfast. And can’t you tell Abby is WISHING she could have some? Have those eyes ever been more alluring? I have that picture of Abby on my computer desktop at work so I’ll remember she’s at home all alone, wishing we were there, so I will get home faster. (No, I don’t really need any external encouragement but she sure is cute.)



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Only my Sophie…

I’ve been enjoying hanging out in my newly-pink scraproom/studio/guest room a little more than usual over this break. I was punching away making circles out of cardstock, tossing scraps into the trashcan, and Sophie and I had this exchange. See if you follow the logic:

Sophie: Why don’t you recycle?

Me: (miffed at this coming up again when I know WHO would be doing all the sorting, etc.) Why don’t you clean your room?

Sophie: Because you don’t recycle.

Well HEY, I’d hate to see all that stuff on the floor go to waste in a landfill. Much rather start my OWN landfill right across from the master suite. I feel greener already.

And then I was walking past the laundry room and heard some knocking about…peeked in thinking I’d see Abby (dog on a diet) scarfing down some additional kibble) but no, it was Sophie. “WHAT are you doing???” I ask. “Looking for socks,” comes the “duhhh!” tainted reply from the dryer.


Life with my girl Sophie is just an adventure…that’s all I have to say about that.

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Why I believe in Santa

Last Saturday night the girls and I were ready to leave the Cool Springs mall at about 8:00. We’d seen earlier that the man in red had already arrived, and November barely in double digits! Emma saw him at first by looking down onto his little hut from the second level. On our way out, I took them by just to “see” Santa, as I’d promised Emma. There was NO one in line. Santa was just sitting there, the photographers were chatting, and Emma ran up to the fence and gazed over it at Santa. He waved, she waved, and he said, “You can come up and see me,” so she scrambled around and up to him. He was so sweet to her…especially considering the man had been there all day, most likely, and was ready to be done. He held both of her hands in his and asked her questions as she gazed up at him in awe. She gave him a hug (wish I could have heard all that was said.) By this time, Sophie had made her way up there and was watching Emma, just as tickled as I was to see her wonder. Then he turned to Sophie and told her she wasn’t too big to sit on his lap. She grinned in embarrassment but sat down. He proceeded to ask her how old she was…”10″…and he pegged her as a 5th grader…(I think she was impressed by this). Then he asked, “How are you doing in school?” “Good.” “How are your grades? Are you on the honor roll?” “Yes.” Then he moved in for the kill. “So how’s your room?” (I was gagging over behind the fence at this point…) He says, pointing to me, “You see that lady over there? She’s not your maid. So when you take your clothes off, do you put them in the dirty clothes, or do you drop them on the floor?” (More coughing and gagging from me, and great big sheepish grins from Sophie.) He continues, and so earnestly, caringly: “If you take care of some of those things, Mom will have more time to spend with you.” OK let me just say, I had no plans to get a pricey photo at this time…I’d rather have come with Jeff along, and them in cute Christmas-y outfits (like that would ever turn out right, any way!?!) But at this point, I said, “Take the photo!” I knew I was witnessing the best visit to Santa I’d ever had. So here they are…my precious girls. Tried three times to get Emma to really smile…her “Cheese!” grins usually turn out looking sort of like Wallace and Grommit. But it was a priceless moment. Enjoy. I know I did!


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The Ox and the Aaaa–bby




Hee hee…OK, we’re doggie sitting for the past 2 weeks a black lab named Ox who belongs to our friends Matt and Angel Pregont. They are in Liberia on what has truly become a rescue mission–to adopt and bring home their daughter, Nia. With Summer in doggie heaven and Abby lonely, we were happy to offer to keep Ox while they’re gone. Oh my, has Abby loved it! So funny how they checked each other out carefully, and how Abby let Ox know this was her house (even though he’s significantly bigger and stronger than her…yes, there’s a dog bigger than Abby, especially with her newly semi-svelte figure thanks to Eukanuba Reduced Calorie dog food.) Ox is primarily an outdoor dog, but he would sit at our back door and look through watching Abby living the high life, getting crumbs that fall on floor and an occasional chance to sneak something from Emma’s plate if Little Einsteins is particularly engaging. He was so pitiful, and so winsome, sort of moaning out there, that we began letting him in for small bits of time. We had him sleeping in the garage because it has gotten really cold here at night lately. He’s slowly calmed down and learned to lie around like an indoor dog. One night when he was particularly charming, Sophie begged Jeff to let him stay inside the house overnight. The next morning, he was sprawled out on the couch downstairs, head on a pillow. Too funny! Abby’s like, “Hey, they never let me do that!” Ox can rest his head on the table comfortably, no straining or paws needed on the edge to get up there. I like the contrast of his and Abby’s fur (although I can’t figure out the right setting on my camera to take a decent picture…he’s so dark, and glossy!) I took them both out on the deck to brush them last weekend, and Abby’s fur showed up on her boyfriend Ox’s black fur like the doggie equivalent of lipstick on the collar. Of course, after almost six years of living here, we chose this week to have the deck pressure-washed and stained, and the driveway sealed, at the same time. How was I to get in the house???? And get them out for potty breaks???? I went in through the garage after school today and took them out one by one…whew! Ox is a lot stronger than Abby. I’m too much of a wimp! It’s been fun…hope we haven’t spoiled him too much. Abby will be blue come Tuesday.

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A fine comeuppance

Emma has lined up all her little Fisher Price and Littlest Pet Shop, etc. people and critters along the edge of the coffee table.  She points to each one and counts confidently until about 17 or so, then skips a few here and there (which, by the way, is a distinct advantage when playing hide and seek, a new favorite of hers)…anyway, Jeff’s being helpful and coaching, but Sophie’s trying to get him to be quiet and get Emma to say it sans coaching…and Jeff and I try to explain that this is how you teach a child (we did fine with YOU, Miss Sophie, didn’t we???)  So Emma shushes Sophie:  “Shhhh, Sophie!  Daddy KNOWS how to count!”  Hee hee…I’m lovin’ it.


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Microwaves, trick-or-treating, and life in general

The first picture is self-explanatory. Yes, the Trubey’s installed their own microwave. (OK, so we got the same brand and all the holes matched and there was no major drilling or sawdust accumulation, but that thing was heavy!)  We were quite proud of ourselves for dodging the installation fee. Jeff gets all the credit…I was ready to cave but he rallied and we got it done. Go us! Sophie’s favorite feature? It has a “Potato” button. (Can you see me in the reflection, and our fireplace mantle?!)


On to Trick Or Treating. This is serious business around here. Sophie wouldn’t stand for a tag-along dog, or boots to go with her pirate get-up (outfit-enhancing but mission-hampering). Once Emma got the idea that there’s a pattern, she was intensely focused: seek house, say “trick or treat”, get candy, say “thanks”, and then go to the next house. We kept having to stop her from running so her mermaid fins didn’t take her down. Then we saw our first officially scary person, and that sort of messed up her momentum. We finally had to split up, Jeff going with Sophie (they went through all of Cherry Grove, basically) and Emma and I taking the short route. I’m absolutely exhausted after a day of teaching and then trick-or-treating. They should call off school the next day just for the teachers. My kids were actually really good today at school so I can’t complain of sugar overload there. Check out our little mermaid and pirate:




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