Just gotta say…I love this dog.

I have been searching the web far and wide (but hopefully being successful in the more near sense) to find a golden retriever puppy.  It is something I didn’t expect we’d be doing, but we lost our sweet Summer in August, quite unexpectedly even though at 12, we knew we wouldn’t have her forever.  So I’ve been looking at puppies, puppies, puppies, and came home tonight to our sweet Abby, and just couldn’t love on her enough.  She’s such a constant, that’s for sure.  Constantly wanting attention, constantly following me (on my foot as I type this), constantly ready for a snack, constantly addicted to tennis balls and tummy rubs…yes, I do love this dog.  Don’t know how we would have made it through losing Summer without Abby.  Emma will often say, “Mommy, I miss Summer today,” and then we love on Abby.  She never leaves me for Gameboy or Nintendo, or Cinderella or The Littlest Petshop.  Yes, it can be annoying at times, but mostly profoundly comforting.   I think she looks like she’s thinking, “Where’s Summer?”


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Gentry’s Farm

Last Saturday we went to Gentry’s Farm, a wonderful pumpkin patch PLUS…had a ball going on a hayride (where we ran into our wonderful new neighbors from right in our cul-de-sac!) and then just watching the girls play. We wandered off on the “nature trail” at Sophie’s request to see a beautiful river view. This is truly a beautiful place to live. Enjoy!






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An hour later…still blogging. Thanks, Jeff.

I’m glad I married a man with techno skills. Yep, he digs this stuff, figures it all out for me.  OK, so we finally bought a new microwave (to replace the old one that Sophie claims may be on the blink because maybe someone put something metal in it…hmmm, I say to myself…) and so the new microwave is still in the box in the entryway, and Sophie’s grieving the loss of popcorn, I’m throwing away leftovers (how did we all grow to adulthood without microwaves?)  And there’s no surge of tool-time powered machismo surging within Jeff (or me either, for that matter)…just the urge to dodge the $105 installation fee from Lowe’s because it’s just “two bolts on top and a plate you install on the wall” (thank you Mr. Lowe’s appliance man…)  So the microwave sits, but my man can power up a blog in no time.  Love that man.  I guess I can let Abby go for the leftover spaghetti because we are going to Gentry Farms pumpkin patch tomorrow…ain’t no microwave gettin’ installed ’round here.  But I might blog again…

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Hello world!

Look out, I’m blogging! I’m going to try it out…I have lots of pictures to share, and I have always loved to write and to journal, so here goes. Here are some pictures from last weekend’s trip to the Rippavilla Plantation Corn Maze. Nothing so cute in that field as these girls.

Emma fearlessly going wherever Sophie goes…


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